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Solar Power Battery Storage

10kwh home/industry storage system 1. System Summary 10kwh home/industry storage system use grid system, include about inverter, lithium ion battery pack, battery BMS system, power switch, and information display parts, etc. Home/industry storage system can provide stabilized rate and constant...

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10kwh home/industry storage system

1. System Summary

10kwh home/industry storage system use grid system, include about inverter, lithium ion battery pack, battery BMS system, power switch, and information display parts, etc. Home/industry storage system can provide stabilized rate and constant voltage AC electric, such as servers, display power, medical equipment, home electric equipment, industry equipment, etc. When the AC grid normally running, storage system could let the home loading to connect with AC grid, and also can support the solar PV to charging the battery which inside of the system; When the AC grid have some accidents, the system will start the contravariant function, it will transfer the DC current from li ion battery to AC and connect the home loading.


2. Application frame


3. The specification of 10kwh home/industry storage system

Model (KWH)


Inverter model  (KW)


Solar Controller (W)


Charger (A)


Voltage of Battery pack(VDC)


Capacity of battery (Ah)


Weight  (KG)


System AC input (VAC)

110/220  grid

Inverter AC output (VAC)


The voltage wave of inverter output

Pure sine wave

The output rate of inverter

50Hz±0.3Hz/ 60Hz±0.3Hz  (Options)

Noise  (dB、1m)


Running environment Temperature/humidity


Storage environment Temperature/humidity


Water proof



4. The specification of solar inverter

Solar inverter Specification

Power specification


Specification of DC input

Nominal voltage specification



Working voltage Range (Normal working  battery voltage)

40V-64V (DC 48V power supply)

Low voltage warning

42.0Vdc ±1.2Vdc (DC 48V power supply)

Low voltage and outage

40.0Vdc ±1.2Vdc (DC 48V power supply)

Low voltage recovery

48.0Vdc ±0.3Vdc (DC 48V power supply)

High voltage warning and outage

64.0Vdc ±1.2Vdc (DC 48V power supply)

High voltage recovery

62.0Vdc ±1.2Vdc (DC 48V power supply)

Contravariant  Rate


DC first mode,

44Vdc ±1.2Vdc (DC 48V power supply)

DC first mode, turn to gird supply, battery low voltage recovery

54.0Vdc ±1.2Vdc (DC 48V power supply)

Specification of  AC input

Nominal voltage specification

220VAC system

110VAC system

The voltage wave of input

Sine wave(grid)

Sine wave(grid)

Nominal input voltage



Low voltage off point



Low voltage recovery



High voltage off point



High voltage recovery



Grid charging rule

Constant current charging→Constant voltage charging→
     Float charging


Grid supply rate


Transfer time (AC to DC)


Transfer time (DC to AC)


AC output specification

Nominal output voltage (V)



Output voltage Range

±10% rms

Nominal output rate (Hz)


Power Factor


The wave of output

Pure sine wave


≤3% (   loading)

Over loading protect

(SMPS load)

(110%<loading  <125%)±10% :15 minuets later, off the output voltage


(125%<loading  <150%)±10% :1 minuet later, off the output voltage


(loading  >150%)±10% :20 seconds later,  off the output voltage


Other instructions

Continuous running time

Could be continuous running

Normally start expand in vain

≤Nominal power×2.5%

Saving mode expand in vain


Safety certificate

 CE(EN62040-1)     EMC:EN62040-2 C2,

Communication port



 With fans

Noise (dB、1 meter)


Using  environment  temperature (℃)


Storage environment  temperature (℃)


Using environment humidity

0-95%  humidity

Using altitude (m)


Display mode

LED light+ LCD display

Warning model

Buzzer sound warning

Protect  function

Low voltage protect, High voltage protect, higher temperature protect, short circuit protect, leak electricity protect, Over current protect, over loading protect, low voltage recovery, high voltage recovery, intelligent temperature-control, accident warning;

Water proof

IP20/ It is could be customized

Specs of solar discharging and charging controller



Nominal Power (W)


Nominal charging current (A)


Nominal DC voltage (V)


PV Max Voltage (V)


PV Max power (W)


Over charging  protect voltage of battery (V)


Over charging  recovery voltage of battery (V)


Constant charging voltage of battery (V)


Over discharging  warning voltage of battery (V)


Protect  function

Protect opposite charging in the night, Solar connect opposite.

Control mode


Any other instructions


The specs of Charger


 2~5 KW

DC voltage


Charging current


The size of breaker


The size of breaker


Charging voltage

According the specs of battery

Charging short circuit protect

Breaker protect

Charging rule

Constant current charging→Constant voltage charging→Float charging

Charging period transfer

◆ constant current charging stage: AC current input, the charger will run at the maximum constant current until the constant voltage phase.
◆ Constant voltage charging stage: The charger will maintain a constant voltage mode and then the voltage drops to the float voltage.
The minimum time is 1 hour and the maximum time is 12 hours.
Float stage: In the float stage, the voltage will remain at the float voltage.
◆ If you reconnect the AC, the voltage drops below 40Vdc, the charger will restart the above cycle.
◆ If the charger remains floating for 10 days, the charger will start cycling again.

5. The specs of BMS board





BMS working voltage range


BMS working


BMS working temperature


BMS working humidity range


Single cell voltage test range


Voltage test accuracy of one series cell


Single cell voltage test rate


Total voltage test channel


Total voltage test accuracy

0.5% FSR

Total voltage test range


Temperature test accuracy


Temperature test range


Insulator detection period


Current test accuracy

<±1% FSR



SOC estimate accuracy




Balance mode


6. Product picture (It is could be customizable.)


7.Home / Industrial Energy Storage System Functional Description    

7.1 Features

● Overload capacity can be as high as rated power (300% for 20 seconds).;

● Inverter adopts low static current design, energy saving mode will reduce no-load loss period detection (3 seconds detection period) / 3W (30 seconds detection period), priority mode using maximum battery power, with different protection, battery low voltage cut out points can be set manually.

● Inverter adopts 4th-order intelligent charge design with power factor correction function, charging efficiency is higher.

● There is a 15-second delay before the AC restore conversion is completed, protecting the load from running stably (when the AC input is a generator).

● Mains and battery 10 ms conversion time to ensure the continuity of power; optional mains voltage range (184-253Vac or 154-253Vac) depending on the load type.

● The maximum rated charging current up to 90A, 0-100% adjustable.。

● Battery / mains priority mode setting switch; status display module, a variety of alarm fault indication, easy operation and maintenance.

● Battery overcharge, over discharge, high temperature, low temperature, over-current protection function, automatically shut off the battery pack output when a serious fault.

● Batteries single cell balancing function, balanced way for the passive balance, the equilibrium current of about 100mA, battery cells to maintain consistency.

● Battery pack insulation testing, storage system battery pack insulation alarm, to prevent leakage caused by a security incident.

● Battery thermal management function, the battery temperature is high, start the fan to complete the heat exchange, reducing the battery temperature.

● Battery pack power management function, when the battery voltage is lower than 40V, the battery pack is stopped so power supply, into the zero power mode.

● Battery pack real-time information data display function, the battery pack SOC, protection status, charge and discharge current, cell voltage, battery temperature and other information can be displayed on the LCD screen for user inquiries.

7.2External communication and program control

Energy storage system with external communication and programmable RS485, RS232 communication interface, can be used for energy storage systems and peripherals in real-time communication, data interaction. Communication speed 250Kbps or 500Kbps, communication protocol can be customized according to customer requirements.

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